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If biology, events, and inclination favor, a man or woman may have the last portion of life as a gift. The brittleness of age and encumbrances of living might weigh on them, but their appraisals may diminish and acceptance rise to meet the darkness, changes, and mystery. This can be a time of noticing, wondering, remembering, imagining, creating, loving, hoping, waiting, and grieving. With mindfulness and imagination, there is freedom.

These are photographs of opening that gift: an openness to change, to give back, to loosen the grip of the ego, to see what is truly important, what there is left to do or to return to, and to hope.

I photograph myself and others—and the things that nourish us in this last portion—in spare places, sometimes with a prop of black cloth. To cite some of the influences (as we grow from others, and there are many): Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Flor Garduño, Graciela Iturbide, Luis Gonzáles Palma, the Buffalo, NY artist, Eddie Bisone, John Cage, and Robert Lax.

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