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I retired in 2015 from my work as an outpatient and inpatient psychotherapist. My interest in and practice of mindfulness and acceptance commitment therapy for emotional and behavioral healing continues in my photography. Two approaches occur to me as a photographer: I want to see and show what's important around me, especially when something prompts associations to the spirit. In addition, aging (and impermanence) leads me to photograph constructions in which I place things (and sometimes myself), a practice of the acceptance of my aging and relationship with things and others in my world.  

Although printing on rag paper with archival pigment inks produces beautiful photographs, I've returned to the traditional darkroom and alternative printing. Using the Ziatype process, an ultraviolet light-mediated chemical reaction that deposits palladium metal on paper, I make black and white photographs that have the vagaries of hand-made things, and I can print on papers that are beautiful.


I've shown my work with the Buffalo Society of Artists, Western New York Artists Group/Artists Group Gallery, and Meibohm Fine Arts. In addition, my photographs have appeared in The Sun and Orion magazines,  LensWork Extended 99, and Looking at Images (LensWork Publishing). When not doing photography, I practice the classical guitar.